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About Me

Lisa Welch

I've been a paediatric Speech Therapist for 10 years. Over this time I have worked with children at home, in nursery, in schools and clinics. My passion is working with children and their families to support children using their play passions to support their communication needs. Most of my therapy is play based. I have found this is the most effective way to engage children in targets and make progress. It also ensures they enjoy therapy alongside developing skills. Learning through play has a huge research base and I have experienced this in my therapy session with efficient progression of new skills.


My additional training includes:

- Signing: Sign a Long Trained 

- Stammering: Palin Parent child interaction therapy

- Stammering: Lidcome therapy

- PECS (picture exchange communication system)

Follow me on Instagram - My page includes theory posts, therapy ideas and video demonstrations. Lots of FREE advice and support.

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